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Below are instructions on how to inquire or book your shuttle service to and from the airport. Please feel free to contact Impala Cabo should you have any questions. They have created a special link for Boda Boda guests. please follow the instructions below to enter the site or email them directly to submit a request. The non private options are towards the bottom once you log in. 

Please open the link: www.impalacabo.com              


And click on: wedding transportation (at the menu)


Go to the bottom of the page and select "Airport Transportation & Shuttles Wedding guest reservation" 


Add user and password;


User: bodagetaway1


Password: bodagetaway1


Click "Okay" (no enter)


Click: "Guest List"


Click: "Add your information"


·         Hotel or Accommodation 

·         Number of passengers in your party.

·         Arrival Flight Information (airline, flight number and time)


Departure Flight Information (airline, flight and time)


Click: "submit"


It is very important that everyone be specific in the number of passengers arriving and departing. The rates and type of services are listed as following:

PRIVATE AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION: Private Ride with non-stops on the way to Hotel, or in the return.


o          1 up to 5 passenger's vehicle $70USD One Way 

o          1 up to 10 passenger's vehicle $75 USD One Way 

o          1 up to 15 passenger's vehicle $95 USD One Way




Impala Ground Services

General Email: info@impalacabo.com

US Ph. 312.205.6458

Off: +52 624.146.4536 & +52 624.173.1476

Website: www.impalacabo.com


BODA BODA GETAWAY DATES: November 13th - November 20th 2018. We encourage our guests to enjoy the full week, however if not able, please note that there is a 3 night minimum, be sure to plan accordingly. Should you have any questions, not related to travel, please email us at bodabodacabo@gmail.com